Why dark roast is the best 

I have never  been a fan of weak coffee… in fact, the stronger the better in my opinion. 

The truth is, I started drinking coffee at a very young age…. like 3 or 4 when my American grandma offered me a sip out of her cup… and then the obsession began. (Although, I didn’t really have my first real cup of coffee until I was much older.) 

I can remember rainy fall days, when my brother and I would beg my mother to make us a pot of coffee. All she could tell us in response was that we actually had to drink it. We were about 17 and 15 at the time and knew it wouldn’t be a problem.  My grandma started buying us custom roasted coffees — like French vanilla, caramel, etc. – and we were hooked. 

Ever since then, my love for the dark roast coffee, and custom coffees has grown. I cannot stand a weak cup of coffee. This is probably why I love Starbucks’ coffee so much. Not a weak drop in it. My brother refers to any weak coffee as “Weak a$s old people coffee”, and he’s right!

After I became a mom, I found my consumption for coffee grew. I drink about three cups a day — and that is coming from someone who used to have just one a day…maybe two BB (before baby). Usually one in the morning when I got to work to jump start my day, and maybe one at night to give me the little extra ‘kick’ I needed to get through until bed time.

With about 6 hours of sleep total for me during the night – little man sleeps in three to four hour increments right now – it is hard for me to keep a wide eye during the middle of the day. Especially when my one-month old is more active during the day now. (And yes, I get the saying ‘nap when baby naps’ but I am not one of those people to burn day light sleeping.)

Coffee is my drug. And the stronger the better. 

That’s when I found my Barissimo French Roast (DARK) coffee at Aldi. To say this gives me the needed boost is an understatement. In fact, my fiancé says that it’s too strong when I make it… and keeps my night-working man up beyond his bed time. So I have to make sure it’s not too strong (bummer).  For a medium cup of coffee – to appease my fiancé – I use a 1/4 cup measurer and scoop it into the reusable mesh basket coffee filter I have. For a darker cup, I double or triple the grounds I put in.

This dark roast coffee offers the caffeinated kick I need to get my morning started, and to boost me in the middle of my day when energy levels are running low. The smooth flavor adds depth to your cup of coffee – I just add some French vanilla coffee creamer and I’m all set. Nothing additional is needed – it’s that good. And for those black-only coffee drinkers, this roast will offer such a bold cup of coffee for you. 

Like I said, I’m a huge fan of the dark roast – in fact, I have a running list of all of the dark roasts that I love that you can find for an inexpensive price. Because, let’s face it, we don’t want to spend $12 on a Starbucks dark roast whole bean when we can find something just as good for less. 

The Barissimo dark roast comes in at a whopping $5 for a 12 ounce bag of ground coffee and can be found at Aldi. Unfortunately, Aldi doesn’t offer their darker roasts in a whole bean, but they do have a medium and a light roast in whole bean to bring out the coffee flavor that much more.

If you want to get more bang for your buck – AKA more coffee grounds for a great price.  I suggest going with Foldgers Black Silk Roast, which can be bought in a smaller or larger (24.2 ounce) quantity. Depending on where purchased from, it runs between $7 and $12. It is on my list of ‘best dark roasts’ and I love it. (Will probably invest in another canister after I go through my French Roast!). 

One of the best parts of today’s technology driven world is that you can order your coffee straight from your computer, phone or tablet with the click of a button! Then just wait for it to be delivered!



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