My favorite K-cups (and where to find them)

Ever since the invention of the K-cup, coffee lovers have gone wild over the idea of a single serve cup. With the bonus of making the right serving, instead of waiting for an entire 12-cup pot to brew, it allows for more convenience. And you get to chose from a variety of amazing flavors you never thought possible. Flavors like Mocha, Glazed Chocolate Donut, Creme Brûlée and more!

It literally makes your at-home coffee more gourmet. Many times, I chose my k-cups over a trip to the local coffee shop simply because it offers the same taste, at a lesser cost. 

So, this may leave you wondering what my favorite flavors are? 

I have several, and the list tends to be a little long, so I’m going to limit it to the top five flavors I love the most. I apologize in advance for all of the ‘Starbucks’ k-cups, I do have several in my inventory right now. But tend to drink the same flavors, but from different brands. 

5.  Foldgers Caramel Drizzle — get ready for a little caramel in your coffee…and not from an extra shot of caramel syrup! Foldgers Caramel Drizzl brew brings the flavor like a Starbuck’s Caramel Frapp would, but without all the added sugars of a syrup. 

If you’re a caramel lover, especially in your coffee (like my fiancé), then this is the K-cup for you. 

How I take it: add some half-and-half to my cup, a tbsp. Of sugar and I’m good to go.

4. Starbucks Mocha – this name is a little deceiving as it isn’t exactly the mocha you would get from the shop, but it’s still pretty good. I have always loved a hint of chocolate in my coffee ever since my mom introduced me to what a mocha was when I was in high school. (To this day, it is my favorite way to order my coffee). 

The only downfall to this k-cup is it’s potency. Although I am a fan of the strong brew – I warn you to make a bigger cup of coffee with this bad boy. In fact, to tame it’s potency, my fiancé has been known to brew it twice, and mix the coffee together to create a less of a bitter taste that it offers it can offer if brewed into a smaller cup.

How I take it: in a larger cup with cream and sugar. Sometimes I add some cocoa powder for an added Mocha taste, and to tame the bitterness if in smaller cup.

Also try Cafe Escapes – Mocha

 3. Cinnamon Dolce – an awesome trick my mom showed me when I was younger, and looking for different ways to add some flavor to my coffee (on the cheap), was to add cinnamon to the grounds before brewing a large pot. (Usually 2 tbsp or so and mix with the grounds.) 

The Cinnamon Dolce K-cup is like doing this, but you don’t have to reach into the little pod and add the cinnamon, which I love. 

When I first tried this K-cup, I was a little bit scepticle about how it would taste —- because brewing it in a large pot turns out so well, I wasn’t sure if it’d be over done in a small k-cup. To my surprise, it came out well. And, the best part is that it doesn’t offer a bitter after-taste the way their Mocha does…and it’s more true to it’s flavoring. 

2. Creme Brûlée – (sorry for all of the posts of the Starbucks K-cups) I swear you can actually find this flavor in a different ‘brand’ than just Starbucks. In fact, Van Houtte makes an amazing Creme Brulee brew for a lesser cost than it is to get the Starbucks K-cups. 

Both taste amazing — like dessert in a coffee cup but with caffeine! I’ve actually never had an official creme brulee dessert so am wondering how the flavoring lives up to the it. I”all let ya’ll know.

1. JAVA Roast French Roast – this little k-cup is heaven in my mug. A strong French roast offering everything I need in my morning cup of coffee. 

  1. A Dark Roast 
  2. Bountiful flavor 

To say this is my favorite K-cup is an understatement! I frequently run out and am looking to get more.

In all honesty, most of these k-cups can be found on amazon, at. your local walmart or grocery store. But, the thing I like most about Amazon is that they offer a ‘subscribe and save’ button where you can have them come on a continuous mailing list until you cancel, and it saves you $$ Money. That’s what I did with the Starbucks Mocha flavor. That and because it’s only found during the holiday seasons in store, it makes it easier having amazon do the work for me. 

Other roasts my fiancé and I fell in love with:


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