And she’s back in the game!

Now that my son has been born, it means I can devote more time and energy to coffee….and I can have more than one 12-ounce cup per day!! You have no idea what sweet symphony that is to my ears.

Oh how I’ve missed the amazing and bittersweet aroma of coffee drifting throughout my house. It literally is a drink that God himself deemed worthy, I swear.

With little sleep right now — little man wakes up every three hours at night – a good cup of coffee is justified in the morning. Let me preface this by saying that a light or medium roast just doesn’t do it. Which I found out early.

In fact, while the fiancé and I were at the store (ALDI) the other day, I made it a point to get a strong blend: French Roast. I usually invest in the Black Silk roast from Folgers (because you get a significant amount more) but the French Roast was there so I thought ‘why not try it?’… Plus, did you know that Aldi is actually a German owned company? So their coffees and chocolates reflect German recipes. (And German’s are actually pretty particular about their coffee…. and it’s amazing.) I’ve not been let down once with Aldi’s selection of coffees; whether they be their bottled coffee (like the Starbuck’s “frappucino” you can buy), to their bigger coffee canisters of lighter roast, to their specialty blends. They even have organic coffee; which is on the bucket list to try.

So watch out for the review on the French Roast.


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