Super fruit smoothie! 

Every once in a while I just need a kick of something healthy, ya’ know? And I’m not a huge fruit person by any means. (There’s a very short list of fruits I will eat)

It just so happens that health kick came while at work. While I’d love to just whip out my blender and assorted ingredients for my home-made smoothies, I can’t. 

So I stopped at Panera and got their Sper fruit smoothie; 120 calories full of GREAT healthy things for me! Greek yogurt, fruit and no added sugars. All for about $4. Can’t go wrong there! 

It doesn’t taste like a super healthy smoothly. (You know what I’m talking about: those ones made with artificial ingredients or protein powder added to make it “healthy”). 

If you’re in the mood for healthy or just want a nice refreshing pick-me-up, I highly suggest the Super fruit smoothie. 


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