How To Keep Your Coffee Fresh

Hot Coffee 01.jpgDon’t you just hate it when you go to open your coffee and it just doesn’t have that freshness like it had when you first bought it?

I’ve had this happen a couple of times and it made my coffee taste disgusting.

So, what are the enemies of coffee?

  1. Air – like anything other dried food, air makes it go stale.

  2. Heat – can actually bring ‘cook’ or heat the grounds / beans to the point that they lose their flavor.

  3. Light  – can heat up the coffee grounds.

  4. Moisture – can cause your coffee to become mildewy or moldy.

From the moment you open that canister or bag of coffee, it starts to lose it’s freshness.  In fact, its been said you should consume the coffee as quickly as possible after opening so you don’t lose any freshness (permission given to drink lots and lots of coffee!)

If you’re like me, you tend to buy that coffee bean that costs just a little bit too much with the intention of only using it every once in a while when you need that really good cup of coffee to jolt you awake in the morning….Penny’s well spent!

If you find your coffee losing it’s flavor, here are some things I do to keep my coffee fresh:

  1. If I am buying a big amount of coffee that’s packaged in a canister, only buy the Folger’s coffee that comes with the ‘freshness’ packaging.
  2. Bagged coffee gets put into an air-tight container and stored in the freezer. Although there is controversy about putting coffee in the freezer, once I started doing this, I found my flavored coffees kept their fresh that much longer. I also do not give it a chance to ‘thaw out’ so to speak. I take it from the freezer, fill my coffee pot and put it right back. S0me times I will even go as far as wrapping the bag in cling wrap and then putting it in the air-tight canister. It literally makes my freezer smell like coffee.
  3. The coffee I use the most (my Folger’s) gets put in the fridge immediately after opening. With the freshness packaging, it helps hold it’s flavor much longer. I also make sure never to let this ‘thaw out’ – always putting it away immediately after use.
  4. All coffee is moved to an air-tight canister. (Though it’s said that the ‘air-tight’ ones aren’t 100% air-tight, it still helps tremendously with storing the coffee.)
  5. I never leave coffee out on the counter. If I have an unopened (we’re talking seal unbroken) container it goes in the back of the cabinet where light and heat cannot get to it.


It is best to never store your coffee on a counter, or in a cabinet near an appliance that will give off a lot of heat (I.e. the cupboard above the stove or microwave).

I love my coffee, and people think I’m crazy for going out and buying some of these specialty blends from great roasters in our area (Like Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters >> they actually make a great blend I’m in love with called ‘Jamaican Me Happy” more coming up!).  But when I’m able to store it correctly and keep it’s freshness, I can enjoy my cuppa’ that much more!

Keep in mind to throw out your coffee if:

  1. It smells mildewy or moldy.
  2. Is wet all the way through
  3. You see little critters crawling in it (usually it will move without you touching it). This happens when it isn’t sealed properly. 

By storing your coffee properly, it can actually last a lot longer than expected. For best brewing, you should drink your coffee within a couple of weeks of opening. 



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