How to make coffee in a power outage

Flower in my cup.pngWe are OUT OF POWER. From last night’s 80 mph windstorm, most of Rochester and the surrounding area is in a sort-of black out. (Though as I write this, I am sitting in a Starbucks not some three miles from my house bumming their internet and sipping on a chai tea and water.)

Getting that morning fix is hard and if you’re not fortunate to have a coffee shop down the road, it is going to make that morning wake-up that much harder. It leaves you wondering if there is a way to make coffee in a power outage.

The answer is: YES, of course you can! 

Though there are some requirements in order to do this.

  1. A gas stove **
  2. A french press or percolator
  3. A tea kettle (not needed if you have a percolator)

While many don’t realize it, you can actually still use your gas stove in a power outage (YAY!) Though you won’t have the electrical ignite for the stove, using a long match or long lighter will do the trick. Simply turn on the burner so the gas is on and light it with the match or lighter. (Be careful not to burn your fingers….and this is also why I am a strong advocate for the gas stove… )

The French Press

If you have a french press, you will need a hot water kettle. You could try to boil water in a sauce pan, but be careful when you pour the water into the french press.

Boil your water, add the coffee to the french press (with the lid and press off), add the water, replace the lid (with the press) and let it steep for a few minutes. Once you press the coffee, it will be ready to pour.

The Percolator

I always whip out my percolator any time my fiancé and I are camping. It’s one of those genuine things I love to do that makes me feel all outdoorsy. Though, in the beginning of March I didn’t think I’d have to bring it out today. (Thankfully, I didn’t have to climb into the depths of my cub bards to find it, but it did leave me with a thought.)

A percolator is a great way to make coffee in a power outage. It comes with a built-in compartment where your coffee sits, and brews the coffee by heating up hot water. (Again, gas stove required.)

A percolator can be defined as a pot that is used for brewing coffee by repeatedly cycling near-boiling water through coffee grounds until a desirable coffee beverage strength is achieved. ~ 

Both a percolator and a French press produce a great, robust cup of coffee that tastes 100% different than when made in a coffee maker.

The great thing about coffee grounds is that you don’t need the fridge to work in order to have fresh coffee. (Though I do keep mine in the fridge so it keeps it’s freshness, more on that later.)

Here are some recommended Percolators and French presses: 

I have this $14 French press at home and it’s perfect!

This percolator is similar to the one I have at home, though after I’ve made my coffee, I have to use a tea strainer in order to ensure grounds don’t end up in my coffee.





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