How to make that decaf taste like real coffee

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When you find out you’re pregnant, and you’re a coffee addict.. you realize your coffee consumption is out the window and you have to cut back drastically.

I used to drink two or three cups a day, and when I found out I was expecting little man, I did all the research to see what I could, and couldn’t have to keep little man healthy.

200 mg. a day of caffeine. That’s my allowance. From what I read, it’s about the average cup of coffee — or 12 ounces. But certain types of brews and blends actually have more caffeine that you would think. So, I decided if I ever had any kind of coffee, it would only be decaf. 

No more cafe mocha’s, espresso’s or cappy’s for me. (Though my fiance does like it when I make him a special coffee drink.)

Keep in mind that decaf coffee is not caffeine free. It still has that bite to it. According to, caffeine content in decaf coffees you can purchase at the grocery store “The caffeine content ranged from 8.6 milligrams to 13.9 milligrams. That’s about a tenth of the caffeine found in an 8-ounce cup of regular drip-brewed coffee, which contains about 85 milligrams of caffeine.”

The only thing I have never liked about decaf is the awful, bitter taste you get. And sometimes, decaf coffees also have a horrible after-taste.

So here are my tips for the moms-to-be who need their cuppa every day, or those out there who want to start cutting back on their caffeine in-take.

1. Honey 


As funny as this may sound, honey actually reduces the acidity in coffee, helps with the the bitterness that some tend to have, and with the after-taste.

I usually put a couple of drops in my regular coffee, too. By only putting a couple of drops of honey in your coffee, it will not affect the taste in a bad way.

2. Use half-and-half, not milk

I’m a huge fan of my half-and-half (my grandma is English and won’t use anything else).

half and half.jpg

Half-and-half gives your coffee a creamier taste and it masks the bitter after-taste of decaf. (This can also help reduce the heart burn and acid reflux that some women get!)

3. Organic decaf coffee

organic coffee.jpg

While at a friends house he popped to different pods into his Keurig without letting me or my fiancé see. He presented both to us and we had to determine which we liked better. There was a smooth blend he’d made that left no after-taste, and another blend, just as bold as the first, but had a bite to it at the end.

I instantly loved the first one. My fiancé loved the second. And when our friend told us that both he and his wife also preferred the first blend, it was then he told us it was organic.

I kid you not, the difference between the two was astonishing. The organic blend was one you buy from Sam’s Club or BJ’s Wholesale, and the other was a Starbucks blend. A generic vs. a name brand, and the generic won out!

I had him make me a cup. It was terrific, and the best part was no heart burn or acid reflux after drinking it!

I have found that they do make organic, decaf coffee. Give it a whirl and you will not regret it.

4. Add cocoa powder to your coffee….

Though this would traditionally make it a mocha iHersheys cocoa powder.jpgnstead of regular cup of coffee. Adding

flavors will help mask the bitter decaf taste. (It works like a charm). Trick your tastebuds into thinking their getting a real cafe’ mocha instead of a decaf one.

Another plus, it flavors your coffee without all the extra sugar. (Don’ go with the Hershey’s syrup, it’s packed full of extra sugar you don’t need.)

5. …Or add any flavoring you like

Walmart has an excellent selection of coffee syrups you can choose from. I usually get the french vanilla or the hazelnut. Just be mindful of the sugars in these because they literally do act as the sweetener to your coffee as well.

Also keep in mind other things that have caffeine in them:

  1. Coffee

  2. Tea

  3. Chocolate (yes, chocolate!!)

  4. Soda

  5. Some protein bars (I know, I was shocked too)

  6. Certain ice creams and yogurts (like the ‘coffee’ flavored one…that isn’t artificial flavoring)

  7. Energy boosting waters (like Vitamin Water Energy)


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