Coffee delivery to become a new thing?

I’ve heard buzz around the area and across the pond that coffee shops are looking into the delivery aspect.

My first thought: EPIC! I’d LOVE that!

My second thought: How will they keep the coffee warm?

Coffee Buzz About 2.jpg
If there were delivery, I wouldn’t need to go through the drive-thru so often!

Like most of you, when I think delivery, I think pizza or Chinese takeout. But with any pizza place, they have a hot-box they put the pizza in that keeps it relatively warm upon delivery.  But at the Chinese take out  place, (much like the one near where I live) they deliver their food in 15 mins or less, piping hot and ready for your consumption.

Coffee delivery – that would be more than amazing. Just imagine logging onto your favorite coffee shop’s website, or app, or calling them up and placing your order. And in a matter of minutes your fresh, hot coffee is there for you. (And if you’re like me, and it’s from your favorite coffee shop, you savor every sip.)

The pro’s: 

  • Coffee on demand! Who could resist? I know I couldn’t. 
  • Ordering at any time of the day and having a cuppa’ in minutes! 
  • Increased business for coffee shops who provide the service (especially the mom and pops that I love to support.) Word of mouth would spread that a coffee shop has delivery service (again I iterate: coffee on demand! who could resists?) 
  • Saves customers time! Will they really need to go through the drive-thru as often? (I know I wouldn’t…and it makes it all the much easier for me!) 
  • Get coffee to your customers as early as you open, or as late as you stay open.. Great for those who literally roll out of bed needing coffee, or who pull late-nighters working. 

The con’s:

  • Piping hot coffee being delivered by your employees – all I can think of is those McDonald’s lawsuits when someone spilled coffee all over their laps (etc., etc.) 
  • Delivery in a timely manner. (Make sure that coffee’s hot!) 
  • For customers: will there be a pesky delivery charge that pizza (and other) places love to tack on?
  • Is there a minimum order? Ever notice when you place a pizza order (or other delivery order), in fine print there is a minimum order amount required? I know my local Salvatore’s Pizza has a $10 minimum (and do you know how hard it is to get to $10 with their $5 meal deal when it’s just you ordering?)

Ok, so maybe the minimum order wouldn’t really be that big of a deal. You could probably find at least a couple of other people willing to go in a on a delivery and you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Even then, coffee shops may not go the minimum delivery route (depending on their method of delivery).

Seriously though, it would be a genius idea for coffee shops to start venturing into the delivery service. I’m surprised they’ve not though of it already…

Would you like to see your local shop deliver?


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